The Importance Of Sex In Public Schools

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Most people in this world have sex in their lifetime. We should teach our children about the importance of sex in details and in depth. If parents don’t have the sex talk with their child, who will? In addition, teenagers are most likely to start having sexual relationships when the get into high school. So, we should teach our kids at an age were sex is their number one thing in their mind. Teenagers will listen to someone that’s talking to them about sex, like a teacher, instead of listening to it from their own parents. Public schools need to teach our own children sexual education. Our children need to know about sex because one day they will do it. Teaching them about sex will help them in the future and/or in the present. First, …show more content…
Numerous parents don’t even let their children say the word “sex” around them. Parents feel that the more mature their children get; they’ll learn about sex by themselves. Additionally, quite a few parents feel embarrassed talking to their own child about sex. Plus, the school’s administration should take more action on making the students learn about sex instead of having teenage girls pregnant in school and not finishing school because of a baby. Sexual education isn’t about religion. It’s about human anatomy and teaching young people the good and the bad parts of sex. Teaching sex in public schools will make a gigantic impact in their adulthood. Moreover, teachers should do their job even if their morals and beliefs are against sexual education classes. Or school’s administration should hire teachers that are trained to teach sexual education to teenagers. Furthermore, when people say the psychical education and/or health class don’t go in depth on sex. Lastly, students need to know about having sex at a young age and should be mature of important things. Of course, students are going to be shy and embarrassed about the topic of sex and are going to giggle at words like “penis” and “vagina”, but the need to learn the most important stuff about it and not so important stuff also. We don’t want our children to be making awful mistakes because they didn’t know about birth control or how to out on a condom. Sexual education classes are need in public schools sooner or

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