Public Schools Should Teach Children About The Importance Of Sexual Education

Most people in this world have sex in their lifetime. We should teach our children about the importance of sex in details and in depth. If parents don’t have the sex talk with their child, who will? In addition, teenagers are most likely to start having sexual relationships when the get into high school. So, we should teach our kids at an age were sex is their number one thing in their mind. Teenagers will listen to someone that’s talking to them about sex, like a teacher, instead of listening to it from their own parents. Public schools need to teach our own children sexual education. Our children need to know about sex because one day they will do it. Teaching them about sex will help them in the future and/or in the present. First, Sexual education teaches to make intelligent choices in their life. Teachers can show students how to choose a person to have sex with instead of having it with anyone without knowing their sexual history or without knowing that person’s personality. Students will make ethical choices and not regret them. Sexual education will make a student feel more confident and learn how to love themselves in their own skin. Confidence is the most important part of being …show more content…
It’s mostly learning about sexual identity. Learning about homosexual and the different genders people are identifying themselves and different beliefs people have. Equally important, teaching students about being intimate with someone and being in a relationship. Teaching them what a healthy relationship is and what a bad relationship is. Such as, being in a bad relationship can cause emotional and psychological pain. Also, how important intimacy is for that person and the other person that’s being intimate with that person. What emotions to feel while being intimate and to care about what a person feels. Teaching this part to students will make their make them more open-minded and will improve their future

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