Abraham Lincoln 's Life And His Life Essay example

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According to newspaper reporters and his colleagues, Abraham Lincoln was a man with reoccurring spells of melancholy. In his youth, Lincoln saw the world around him as cruel, and often had thoughts of suicide. Some of Lincoln’s relatives including his father would go through episodes of social withdraw, with feeling of gloom would indicated that Lincoln’s depression was biological. One could also argue that through Lincoln’s childhood misfortunes, such as the death of his brother and mother from illness and disease, a foundation was laid for his melancholy episodes in later life. Growing up in life, Lincoln’s voracious appetite for reading and writing poetry, along with a desire for self-education, lead his father to view him as lazy which created an emotional gap between father and son. Due to the limitations of medical doctors in his time, Lincoln developed his own personal therapy through friends, writing poetry, and his career. Learning to live with chronic depression meant that Lincoln had gained a personal perspective on his illness, and developed strategies for coping with this illness, throughout his life. (Shenk 4-24)
To define the term melancholy or depression, one must first understand what the disorder is and how it affects a person’s life. The varying degrees of depression can range from normal mood swings to what is termed as clinical depression. A person going through temporary sadness or unhappiness does not mean that a person is depressed. Though a person…

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