Essay about Abortion

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“Abortion is impermissible, because it deprives a being of a future like ours. Accordingly, it is morally similar to killing a healthy adult.” Critically discuss this argument, drawing upon at least one of the authors we have looked at in the readings.
Abortion in general can be defined as terminating a pregnancy before birth and this still remains a controversial topic in the world today of whether it is immoral or moral to do so. Besides certain exceptions, the view of abortion as a seriously immoral action has minimal support or evidence in present-day philosophical literature (Marquis, 1989). However, views exist when it comes to illuminating the permissibility of abortion, particularly when future prospects of the foetus are taken
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For the sake of this essay the assumption of a foetus being a person or a human being shall be maintained through the discussion.
The future like ours argument states that a foetus in its future has the potential to have similar experiences, projects, and activities of an adult or young child has (Marquis, 1989:197). Most abortions are seriously prima facie immoral according to Marquis (Marquis, 1980:185) this is due to the fact that these abortions rob the foetus of the precious future it would have had, if the abortion had not been enacted. The argument boils down to the fact that if an innocent healthy adult were to be killed for someone else benefit (financial gain for example) it would have deprived the adult of a future they could have enjoyed hence this creates a strong stand point that the killing is gravely wrong. The future like ours argument has 2 premises which are: Premise 1: Having a future of value is the basis for the right to not be killed (Brown, 2002:192).
Premise 2: Foetuses have a future of value (Brown, 2002:192).
Conclusion: Foetuses have the right to not be killed (Brown, 2002:192).
Let us look at a mother’s right to self defence for instance and we still maintain the view that it is impermissible to kill the foetus even to save the mother’s life. As stated earlier that the foetus is considered a person, does that mean that the mother’s interests and the

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