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A Persuasive/Argumentative Essay

Name: Jade T. Samillano Section: U Date: March 20, 2011


What it would be like to die so young and fragile? What it would be like to kill someone so young and fragile? Abortion to my definition is the taking of life. Nowadays more and more teens are getting pregnant and having abortions secretly and easily. Even their parents have no idea about this. And to be general not only the teenager do this kind of thing, many women in the entire world had abortion. I think if we asked that question about rape or murder we’d get a clear answer. Shouldn’t people be allowed to rape children if they
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And then it’s also against the intended plan of God for humanity because it is stated also in Genesis 9:1 and God said “be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth”, the verse explicitly clear that God’s plan for humanity, especially for women just like me is to produce biologically my own kind therefore abortion is destroying the original plan of God for humanity. And abortion is a perversion for God’s natural design for women like me, it is stated in Genesis 3:16 “to the women he said I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children” if there is an abortion it is a huge distortion of God’s design for me.

Finally the third and most important value is related to my conscience. If I have an abortion, I will always think about the baby that I might have. I will always think about the future that could have happened with my baby which will always remind me that I killed him. Because if I have an abortion, I will never have a good life, and my conscience will remind me of what I have done. Because a woman did an abortion can't forget about what she has done, these thoughts will always be with her, and the results can be calamitous.

There are many reasons why we women should not have an abortion. The truth is that women need to think about the consequences that can occur before having

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