Essay on Abortion

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One of the most fought, controversial social issues in America is Abortion which is the medical procedure that is performed to terminate a pregnancy. Abortion is a huge moral issue in America that poses the question if it morally right or wrong. The research conducting in this paper will take a look at should abortion be legal or illegal, the Roe v. Wade case that has legalized abortion, the negative effects on woman who have an abortion, and the protest from those in the Christian religious community.
Abortion is a medical procedure that is performed to end a pregnancy. Also known as induced abortion, because there are two types of abortion the other being spontaneous abortion, which is a miscarriage; “that occurs when a fetus
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The religious community, Christianity, is the number one source for saying that Abortion is morally wrong, is a sin because its committing murder which goes against the laws of God, and believes is should outright be illegal.
The Roe v. Wade was the case that changed the American Nation forever. This case ruled unconstitutional a state law that banned abortions except to save the life of the mother; this cased ruled that the states could not forbid a mother from getting an abortion. During the time of Roe v. Wade case, most states severely restricted or banned the practice of abortion. Two graduates from the University of Texas Law School, Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington brought took upon themselves to fight on the behalf of a pregnant woman, Norma L. McCorvey ("Jane Roe"), claiming a Texas law criminalizing most abortions violated Roe's constitutional rights. The law proclaimed that abortions were banned expect those that are necessary to save the life of the mother. In defensive Roe stated that even though her life was not endangered she was not able to carry and finance the child to come and was not able to go out of state to terminate the pregnancy, but it was her right to terminate the pregnancy in safe medical environment. According to website writing on Roe v. Wade, “The lawsuit was filed against Henry Wade, Dallas Country District Attorney, in a Texas federal

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