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Chapter 5 South America

Multiple Choice


1. Which of the following countries does not contain a significant portion of the Andes?
*A. Paraguay B. Argentina C. Peru
D. Colombia E. Venezuela

2. Which of the following countries does not contain a portion of the Amazon Basin?
A. Brazil B. Ecuador C. Peru
D. Colombia *E. Chile

3. The religion most closely associated with South America is:
A. Islam *B. Roman Catholicism C. Incanism
D. Cokism E. Coptic Christianity

4. In South America, the richest 20% of the population control _____ of the wealth.
A. 2% *B. 67% C. 90%
D. 1% E. 95%

The Human Sequence

5. An altiplano is: A. a low area with small mountains
*B. a plain high in the Andes C.
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Atacama Desert C. Andes Mountains
D. Tropical rainforest climate E. None of the above

21. In 1808:
*A. Rio de Janeiro became the seat of the Portuguese Empire B. Napoleon threatened to take over São Paulo C. Brazil began its dominance of the Spanish republics, making them the equivalent of colonies D. the Spanish began to make inroads into Brazilian territory E. the Amazon River basin was lost to former leaders of the Incan Empire

Cultural Fragmentation

22. Which of the following is not a feature of South America’s “tropical plantation” region? A. It resembles Middle America’s “Rimland.”
*B. It is concentrated along the continent's northern Pacific coastline. C. Its culture contains a strong African component. D. The plantation economy has recently enjoyed a significant resurgence. E. All of the above are characteristic of this realm.

23. Which South American “culture sphere” resembles the Middle American “Rimland?” A. The European-Commercial region
*B. The Tropical-Plantation sphere C. The Indo-Subsistence region D. The Mestizo-Transitional region E. The “Undifferentiated” area

24. Which of the following is not a Latin Country?
*A. Guayana B. Venezuela C. Peru
D. Chile E. Argentina

25. In the European-Commercial Region: A. Peru is the most important country
*B. 85 percent of the population is pure European C. the Amazon River predominates D. oil is a major natural resource E. most of the area is

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