Abortion Should Not Be Legal Essay examples

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Abortions have been around since as long as civilization has existed, but they have not always been legal or accepted. Even today the idea of abortions can be a touchy subject and there is a lot of debate over what is humane or not. The decision to support or oppose abortions is decided by many different factors; one of those being when a child is officially “alive.” Many people believe that a child is not alive until they are born or are in late-terms of the pregnancy; however, just as many people believe that a child is alive after conception. These scientific gray areas, combined with religious, moral, and situational dilemmas surrounding the subject, make abortion a topic that has existed throughout the entire history of the United States, but viewed in different lights depending on the era. In the history of America, abortions have been viewed as shameful and inhumane, but they have always been practiced. Before the 1880’s, abortions were commonplace. The connotation with them was negative, but they were still possible to receive. However, abortions were made illegal by 1880, because midwives who performed abortions were taking jobs away from white males and the frequency of abortions were decreasing white population, a phenomena called “race suicide” (“History of Abortion in the U.S.”). There was a rampant fear that white men would lose their jobs to women and the black population would gain power over the white population through their growing numbers. Although…

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