Abortion Is The Right Thing Essay examples

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Ladies and Gentleman mankind seems to believe that abortion is the right thing to do in our society today. Yet people seem to complain that there are less cures for diseases, there are less soldiers for our military, and there are less and less scientific discoveries each year. What they don’t see is that abortion is the reason for their complaints. You see when abortion is done for the wrong reasons it just leads to the termination of a human being. Through this mass termination these complaints emerge and we are left with nothing but pain. Abortion has led to “the deaths of millions of unborn children to date” (Christia Net). With these millions of deaths you have to predict that at least one of them could have grown up to find the cure for cancer. One could have been the next Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs. One could have even protected the United States from our enemies .Abortion took them away from us, so we will never get the opportunity to see these people. It is strongly believed that Abortion is murder. Since “life begins at conception” (Boonin).In the scientific process of making a child ” As the days progress so does the development of the child. The heart starts beating around the 18th day. Medical science has recorded brainwaves around 40 days after conception. The child has his or her organs and nervous system at 8 weeks. The child has all body functions at this time as well. Brainwave patterns have shown that the baby will sleep and wake at 8 weeks. The…

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