Abortion Is Never Okay? Essay

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Abortion is Never Okay
What gives one baby more of a right to live than another? Let 's say two people in love and married decide to have a child, that baby would be born and have a happy life. Although, if a woman does not want the baby she can get an abortion and not deal with it. Why should the baby that is unwanted not have the same right to life as the baby with loving parents? Abortion, which is the act of killing an innocent life, is wrong under all circumstances. No matter what the case, we are taking the lives of innocent babies that can not fight back.
Rape is not a valid reason to abort a baby. “When rape results in pregnancy, the baby has the same right to life as any child with mutually loving parents (Napolitano)”. This is important because even though having the baby wasn’t the woman 's choice the baby should not lose its chance at life because of it. They deserve to live just as much as a planned baby does. They have all the rights that a loved child does, they shouldn’t have theirs taken away because a rape baby was unwanted. Even though unplanned pregnancy can be very traumatizing and hard for the woman to deal with, ” We should never abandon our principles in our response to difficult and heart-wrenching scenarios” (Johnston). When a person is put in the position of having a rape baby, the first thing a woman wants to do is abort the child and forget about it. “We should never abandon our principles”(Johnston) even in a choice where the child is not yours.…

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