Abortion Is Immoral

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Throughout America, there is a large controversy going on about abortion. People debate on whether it is ethical, who should have more rights, and much more. It remains a very complicated issue with many different concerns regarding rape, if the fetus is considered a person, and how far along the pregnancy is. Despite all of these concerns, abortion should be legal for all women and everyone needs to accept it as ethical in society. One major concern dealing with abortion is rape. Rape has been a serious problem for a long time, and every one in six women has been a victim to either rape or attempted rape in her lifetime (Rape Crisis Center). Rape scars most people for life, and forcing a woman to have her rapist’s baby causes even more emotional …show more content…
According to Mary Warren, who was a writer and philosophy professor, there are five things to consider when defining personhood. The first is consciousness and the ability to feel pain. A fetus in the womb is not conscious, so if it feels any pain it is still unaware. Therefore, in this case, a fetus should not be considered human. The second concept is reasoning, which is the ability to solve problems. Fetuses do not have this ability because it has not yet developed. This skill develops after the fetus is born, not while it is still in the womb. The third thing she describes as a trait of personhood is self-motivated activity. This means that a person can make the decision to do any activity without the help or control of anything else. Fetuses cannot knowingly perform any tasks that a human can. Warren’s fourth concept is communication. While most everyone two years of age and up can communicate by talking and babies communicate by crying, fetuses cannot do either of these. They have no way of communicating and therefore lack an important trait in personhood. Her last point is the presence of self-awareness. Like reasoning, self-awareness does not develop until after birth. With all of these concepts describing personhood, it is easier to say that a fetus should not be considered a person. She then says that, “All we need to claim…is that any being which satisfies none of 1-5, is certainly not …show more content…
One of the biggest debates is whether a fetus is a person. Based on the traits of personhood, a fetus is not considered human. There are many other debates including cost, and the reduction of funds for food assisting programs does not help this situation. A woman should always have more rights than a fetus, and the right to do what she wants with her body. Whether the abortion takes place because of rape, a financial situation, health problems, or any other reason, it should be legal for every woman and should be accepted as ethical in

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