Abortion And The Woman 's Opinion On Abortion Essay

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After reading Hills Like White Elephants to be honest I was greatly confused. Looking up literary commentary I found a wide stretch of articles from abortion to gender arguments. To me while there is plenty of evidence for both and pages of arguments to draw from I cannot do it.
Reading over the paper again three or four times I have come to a sad conclusion. While I see what many others have seen, I cannot look at it so factually. This work can be applied in such a far greater lens than abortion or the views of men and women towards each other. I see why this is about abortion, from the simple operation to how Jig asks if they both really will be happy after its complete. I see that there is a great deal to be said about how the interactions of the man’s opinion on abortion and the woman going through it. Even how the man can represent the overall attitude of men in general and Jig of women. But I don’t feel right limiting the story to that. Even if Hemmingway wrote that it is nothing more than an abortion commentary I believe it holds more water elsewhere in life.
Simply put after reading it many times I see it as the perfect story for the problems of love. It shows one simpler minded character who cares and a mature character who wants to escape the confounding fear. Both are conversing over a mutual problem affecting their lives.
They are trying to decide the best way to solve it. The man written about is dead set in his opinion and what the outcome will bring. He knows…

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