Essay on Abortion And The United States

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Since ancient times abortion has been legal and practiced in many cultures and countries. In the United States abortion was legal under common law until it was first restricted in Connecticut in 1821 (Wilson, 2013). It restricted the use of toxic substances to cause miscarriage after “quickening” when a woman feels her child move (Wilson, 2013). In 1873 the Comstock Law banning the distribution of materials related to contraception and abortion is passed. During the Great Depression abortions increased as mothers could not afford to feed another mouth. In the 50s hospitals form board to decide if doctors can perform abortions. Therapeutic abortions are allowed by law if the mother’s life is in danger (Wilson, 2013). In 1955 Planned Parenthood organizes a conference “Abortion in the United States”. Making abortion a national topic to discuss. Pat Maginnis founds the Society for Human Abortion and becomes the first person to publicly support abortions. In 1962 after being denied an abortion in her local hospital Sherri Finkbine travels to Sweden to obtain a safe and legal abortion making her the face of abortion. In 1969 “Jane” an underground group of women help women find safe and affordable illegal abortions in Chicago. In 1971 the Supreme Court on the court case Doe v. Scott rules abortions unconstitutional. In the 70s states started to pass abortion reforms or repeal laws (Wilson, 2013) making abortions legal in some states. In 1972 the Supreme Court legalized the use of…

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