Abortion : A Major Problem Essay

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Abortion has become a major problem in many regions around the world like Latin America, North America and Africa. This poses significant challenges for especially the women in places such as El Salvador and Chile, where abortion is illegal in all circumstances, even if it may endanger the life of the women. There are other region where the country 's laws have allowed abortion only in certain cases and the laws of other regions have allowed abortion throughout no matter the circumstances. There are many controversies about abortion throughout each region, some people strongly disagree with abortion due to religious purposes or taking abortion the same as murder, some people agree with abortion in some circumstances, like when the life of a woman is in danger and/or they have been raped and some agree full on with abortion in any circumstance.

Latin America

In El Salvador a women can be put to jail for murder because she suffered a miscarriage. A doctor can also be put to jail if he/she performed surgery to remove the fetus in order to save the life of a women, the doctor 's licence is also taken away permanently even after he/ she served their time in jail. It’s quite shocking having your licence taken away after all the years that the individual had spent studying and going to school just to receive his or her licence because of saving a human beings life. This poses a major problem for all…

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