Aboriginal 's Crime Rates : A Large Portion Of Canada 's Inmates

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Aboriginal’s crime rates are high; they account a large portion of Canada’s inmates. Problems

persist on how correctional facilities deal with the needs of the Aboriginal people, the complexity of

their cultures makes it hard for corrections to treat them like any other inmate. For this reason the

aboriginals go through different cultural interventions that help rehabilitate within the corrections or

through their communities. While Canadians correctional institutions are setting in Policies such as to

further meet the needs of the aboriginal people, they are not succeeding with rehabilitating aboriginals

during their stay in and out the Correctional system because of statistics, self-conflict, stereotypes, and

lack of support from the federal government. Correctional institutions are providing special care for

Aboriginal inmates but are doing so in a very divergent way.

Aboriginals in Canada are facing a harsh reality with the laws that are imposed on their lands by

the Canadians. Some young aboriginals also disregard laws and break them because they feel not

obliged to follow them. In such matter the reality of breaking the law ends up putting them through the

correctional system. Aboriginals are shown to be over representative showing the statistics of inmates

in Canada, almost 23% of federally incarnated inmates are aboriginal while only stand in for 3.5% of

the Canadian adult population (Hurst, 2014). Welsh & Ogloff (2000) suggests that…

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