Abolishment Of Independence: Journal Entry Eleven: The Market Revolution

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Journal Entry Eleven: The Market Revolution, What I learn about the American system of manufactures. I learned that it was the mass production of interchangeable parts which would help to rapidly build and standardized product used in everyday life. That the revolution helped changed the concept of time and clocks became part of daily life with work and leisure time came to be clearly defined. That during this time frame textile mills relied largely of female and child labor. That 4 million people immigrated to the United States with 90 percent of that number landing in the northern states. It causes the expansion of the America west and the Second Great Awakening; unlike the first one the Second Great Awakening added a religious underpinning to celebration of one’s self. The Second Great Awakening put in end of government support for established churches which promoted true religious pluralism. To close this entry I learned that the Market Revolution severely limited the …show more content…
Abby Kelley I come to learn was neither the first nor the last women to speak out the abolishment of slavery. Kelley how was said to have covered more miles and gave more speeches than anyone before her, she talked about women rights. Here what I learned Abby Kelley, born in Massachusetts in 1811, educated at a Quaker boarding school, was a teacher in Lynn Massachusetts, was a member of the Female Ant-Slavery Society. In 1838 she began to give public speeches all throughout the North, she opposed the use of force, married to a strong-willed abolitionist name Stephens S. Foster. When she gave birth and left home to return to lecturing many questioned why; she replied that said had done it for the sake of your own child and those being taking away from their mother and sold. She said that she was trying to leave her child a legacy of a free country. Kelley even had other women during this time period saying that Kelley earns them freedom of

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