Westward Expansion

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I agree with Nathaniel Philbrick that America in the nineteenth century became “relentlessly acquisitive”, “technologically advanced”, and had a “religious sense of its own destiny”. Development of America’s culture, society, and economy in the early nineteenth century advanced greatly compared to previous years. The market revolution and westward movement both helped to shape these characteristics in the nineteenth century. The early nineteenth century America was growing and headed towards a more advanced society. Americans were interested in acquiring more wealth and possessions, so they adapted to that need. The beginning of the century had a transition from an apprenticeship system, to the market revolution. This transition impacted …show more content…
Editor George Henry Evans wrote, “Land was cheap and easily accessible, and everything went on perously(sic) for a time…Yet…although national improvements progressed rapidly, and national wealth increased, yet the condition of the working man was not improved!” Moving west was great for the economy and had many successfully determined people within it. Westward expansion had a great deal of conversation of whether or not slavery would exist there. Many northerners believed that there should not be slavery there and wanted the west to be non-slave states. They had a religious belief that the west was to be that way for the better of the country. Expansion was made easier with newer technology of transportation. Railroads and roads made moving easier and faster, so more people took the chance to move and start anew. Westward expansion impacted all three characteristics and helped to shape these areas of the early nineteenth century. The early nineteenth century had a bright future ahead of it to advance in all aspects of life. America in that time was advancing in technology, acquiring wealth and property, and finding its religious sense of destiny. Through development of culture, society, and economy, the era had a good set up to start expanding and a positive way to grow. Overall, thanks to the market revolution and westward expansion, America flourished and was able

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