Essay on Abolishing The Death Penalty On The United States

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Abolishing the Death Penalty The use of the death penalty in the U.S.A has become a big topic in the US Government. There has been controversy over the death penalty and whether or not it is being used with justice. The death penalty is a topic that not everyone will ever agree one way or another. People need punishments for their actions but is the death penalty the right way to go. One topic the government needs to look at when talking about the death penalty is if the eight amendment is being violated or not. When the death penalty is being used, is it cruel and unusual punishment? “Back in 1890, William Kemmler was executed by electric chair, and he was shocked twice. The first shock was 700 volts and last 17 seconds because the current failed. Kemmler was not dead after this shock. The second shock was 1,030 volts and lasted over two minutes. After this shock smoked was seen coming from his head. A later autopsy showed that electrode attached to his back burnt through his spine” (, para.4). This shows that Kemmler’s punishment violated the eight amendment. Kemmler should not have gone through the pain of having two electric shocks. The punishment should have been one and done. Not only is the actual punishment cruel but being put on the waiting list for the punishment is even worse. People wait for their punishment for years because the government does not have the money to fund the punishment. In a article, a judge from California talks about how,…

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