Overcoming Obstacles In Life

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Life is a journey through which we face obstacles and gain victories. Our attitudes and actions toward obstacles are often major factors that determine our ability to succeed in achieving dreams and accomplishing our goals. So far, I have faced and overcame many obstacles in life; some were minor, while others scarred me. One of the biggest hurdles I faced was the lack of confidence, which impeded my ability to succeed in my classes. It took me some time to realize that my lack of morale and shyness to ask for help hindered my ability to overcome this obstacle. Throughout my life, I have found that confidence is the key to overcoming difficulties, allowing me to succeed in school, college, and my future career. In addition, a positive attitude can motivate one to accomplish tasks with …show more content…
I realized that in order to succeed and build the future I want, I had to recognize my self-worth.

Throughout the junior year of my high school and first year of college, I had a great deal of pressure to exceed expectations in all my classes. Starting with junior year, I had a positive attitude and motivation to work hard. I aimed for perfection, asking questions when I needed to. I challenged myself with difficult classes and pushed to improve every day. However, in some of my courses, I had jumped from regular to AP classes, and it was harder for me to grasp the fast-paced lessons. On test days, anxiety would kick in and I would start to feel nervous. Therefore, I lost confidence in my academic ability. In the following days, I would wait eagerly to find out my grade, and when I finally did, I would be frustrated; after putting in so much time and effort, I did not get the grade I wanted. Every setback bruised my morale and the lack of faith in my abilities would not allow my bruises to heal. As I

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