Abandonment Of Urban Brands And The Long Lasting Influence Of Luxury Brands Within Hip Hop Culture

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abandonment of urban brands and the long lasting influence of luxury brands within Hip Hop culture, one can see that these outcomes are due to a sense of powerlessness that has been rooted within Hip Hop culture. This is important because as Hip Hop consumers abandoned their culture in search of status, they fell into an admiration of a white culture, disvaluing their own culture, which is what Hip Hop is meant to counteract. In today’s Hip Hop culture, luxury brands have a great amount of influence. Artists have emerged themselves in an adoration for these brands. In a study, it was found that “the rap genre had the highest [amount of] product mention with 65.44% of raps songs possessing mention” (S. Baksh-Mohammed and C. Callison 28). These brands were not mentioned as advertisements, but rather, they were mentioned for the sake of mentioning them. The study found that “among all the product mentions in rap music, luxury products/brands were mentioned three times more than utilitarian or common products/brands.” (S. Baksh-Mohammed and C. Callison 30). These artists were not making any money off these mentions, but rather they were boasting their wealth and lifestyles through the brands that they acquired. This boasting can also be seen in the song ‘Versace,’ released by the rap group Migos in 2013 (Migos). Versace is mentioned a total of 91 times throughout the song. While Migos’ song might be an extreme case, it shows how much luxury brands are influencing Hip Hop.…

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