Cognitive Psychology Essay

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Cognitive Psychology is a branch of Psychology that is related to the scientific study of mental function and mind , including learning, perception, attention, reasoning, learning, language, decision making and conceptual development. The modern study of cognition is based on this premise that a brain can be also understood as any complex computer systam.
Aaron Beck is generally regarded as the father of cognitive therapy. Beck has worked mainly with depression diagnoses. Cognitive Therapy has become the most widely used treatment since 1957. It is based on the cognitive theory of depression that said the perceptions or thoughts about situations influence perceptions, they are often distorted especially when individual is under stress. This
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The areas of cognitive psychology as applied to educational psychology are: 1. * Metacognition: metacognition is thinking about thinking. This is a broad concept of all the types of thinking and knowledge that are applied to an individual thinking. This in education is called self-control. The students are several times the opportunity to assess their own personal knowledge and apply in the areas where they do not exist. In the lowest grades this is usually a personal behavior and self-knowledge and the higher grades, is in the areas of specialization. This allows the students to learn to control their own knowledge, storage and retrieval. 2. Procedural knowledge and the declarative knowledge: knowledge declarative knowledge base of information and knowledge procedure in performing a particular task With what we have learned from cognitive researcher educators can increase this programming to their knowledge of how it works in the brain. As a result, the education is moving from teaching lessons based on a balance of verbal learning and performance. 3. * Knowledge-based organization. Understand how knowledge is organized in the brain, has been informed of the way to teach material by what is organized in brain maps. The brain maps, easier to maintain the process in memory of the …show more content…
The largest area of research is on how to apply the human cognition to the artificial intelligence. This area is known as cognitive science. So far the psychologists have observed how the use of artificial intelligence can help us in the tasks of teaching and improve human cognition. More recently, however, has been seen from the opposite perspective. It is clear that the human capacity to learn and use creativity, ability to solve problems more versatile than that of a computer. The idea now is how those abilities program in artificial intelligence. Until now the man has been set aside by the incredible capacity of his brain. It will be then interesting to watch if it can be emIuated by the intelligence which is

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