Bureaucracy Organizational Structure (ACS)

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The ACS is a global organization that aids soldiers, their families, and civilians to be ready for any situation, scenario, or circumstance that may arise. When viewing this organization and how it is running, the structure can be best described as a bureaucratic organization. One way the ACS identifies with the bureaucracy organizational structure is the different levels of hierarchy. A bureaucratic organization structure has different levels of hierarchy, with the highest level making the authoritative decisions and the lowest levels following the commands given (Netting, Kettner, McMurty & Thomas, 2012). Decision for the ACS are made at a Department of Defense command level and passed down through the rank structure. By following
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A typical bureaucracy hires each individual based on only their technical experiences (2012). To get hired within the ACS one must apply through the government jobs data base. Even if an individual is wanting to get promoted from one position to another he or she must still apply through the data base. According to many of the employees they contest that each ACS employee is chosen based upon their individual merit including their training, education, and professional experiences (H. Roosevelt, personal communication, July 27, 2016). Lastly, the ACS is recognized as a bureaucratic organization through its rational and legal authority approach. Under the legal and authority approach those who possess the power to make key decisions are placed their based upon their ability to achieve goals (Netting et al., 2012). When viewing the ACS organization one recognizes that those at the command level are there because they have worked their way up in rank structure and are goal …show more content…
When viewing the ACS organization, the line of communication is done in various ways. One way each employee understands new polices and regulations taking place is through emailed memo updates. Employees each are assigned their own government email addresses and required to check them daily. Staff members of the ACS organization, also must attend weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings to ensure each member is up to date on all new policies and regulations (ACS employee, personal communication, July 29, 2016). During the meetings different levels of the rank structure or command come down and speak with all employees about what the current policies are, how effective each program is running, and what will change or is pending change. Through a direct and open line of communication the command and more importantly the ACS is able to efficiently aid soldiers and their families with the resources needed during the relocation and integration

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