A Worldview Is A Way Of Viewing Or Interpreting All Of Reality

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Have you ever put on someone else’s glasses and you couldn’t see through them because they were either too strong or too weak? A worldview is like a pair of glasses if you look through the right pair everything is clear and makes sense, but if you look through a bad pair everything is distorted and hard to understand. However, in order to learn more about the different worldviews we must first understand what a worldview is. A worldview is defined by what you believe in and the way you view the world. According to Norman Geisler and William Watkins, “A worldview is a way of viewing or interpreting all of reality. It is an interpretive framework through which or by which one makes sense of the data of life and the world.” Some of the questions that every worldview must answer are: What is God? What is human? Do we have a sinful nature? Are we basically good? The disciplines we will be talking about in this paper are theology, philosophy, ethics, and biology. A person’s worldview affects the way they live their life on a day to day basis. If they believe there is a god they will live according to what their god says. If they don’t believe in a god then they will not live trying to please a god. In theology, the Christian worldview upholds theism which is the belief in the existence of a supernatural God. Christianity’s foundation rests mainly on two different foundations: general revelation and special revelation (Noebel D. A., 2006). Many people do not know that the Bible…

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