A Workplace Free Of Lateral Violence Essay

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The problem of interest that I chose to discuss is lateral violence (LV) in nursing. LV is a deliberate and harmful behavior demonstrated in the workplace by one employee to another, it is a significant problem in the nursing profession…LV is the same thing as bullying someone. Studies estimate that 44% to 85% of nurses are victims of LV; up to 93% of nurses report witnessing LV in the workplace.Lv can affect the victims physical health and mental health, it can also affect patient care and safety, is also detrimental to the work environment. Because LV is often perpetrated by nurse managers and directors, it can be difficult to report.

The change I am making is to have a workplace free of lateral violence. Strategies to use in incorporating change for a workplace free of lateral violence is first making people aware that there is a problem with workplace violence and that there is a need for change. Explain the urgency for the need for change by explaining why LV is detrimental to the victims, work environment, and patient care, this includes helping other to see the need for change. Include the people who are committed to changing LV in the workplace, to help implement and develop the change. Develop a vision with the staff regarding the change, the vision is to have a workplace free of lateral violence, make a plan of how to achieve a workplace free of lateral violence. . Empowerment is a strong action in changes being made, be sure to involve the staff in each…

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