Essay on A Woman Named Rhonda Combs

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About 20 years ago, there was a woman named Rhonda Combs. She was a wonderful woman, and she always was trying to keep a smile on the faces of others. She met a man at a party by the name of Tony Cummings, It was love at first sight. They found out that they had a lot in common with each other; and things just progressed from there. There was a considerable age difference between them of about 14 years. However, that didn 't stop them from getting married. Rhonda already had 3 children at this time who were grown and out of the house. Tony and Rhonda wanted a child, but Rhonda had had a hysterectomy; she could not have children. They considered adoption, but then something changed their lives forever. Rhonda’s son Scott unintentionally impregnated his current girlfriend Jennifer. Neither of them were anywhere near ready to raise another child. Rhonda and Tony decided to adopt this child at birth. Nine months later, Jennifer gave birth to a beautiful, brown haired baby boy. Rhonda was the first person to hold this infant. The child was named Joseph Alexander Cummings. Yes, that is me! For most of my childhood, I had the best parents I could ask for, they both worked very hard to support and raise me up. They even started a college fund for me from the day I was born. We lived in Forrest City, Arkansas during my early childhood years. I attended school at Forrest Hills Elementary during my first 2 years of school. We ended up moving away when the conditions in the…

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