Essay about A Winter Spring At Knott 's Berry Farm

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It’s a chilly winter-spring morning, March 26, 2014. I walk down the stone stairs and look out the glass door of my Bubbe and Zeddie’s house, and see the misty air, and the trees blowing slowly side to side. It reminds me of myself after I get off of a roller coaster at Knott 's Berry Farm. I smell the fresh scent of the morning in my nostrils. It cools them, though they are already cold, from the air conditioning. There’s a sense of calmness running through the atmosphere. I don’t know whether or not it’s because of the quietness, or natural light flowing around the walkway and around the house. I feel at peace.
I see my family gathering, and I join, in curiosity. I feel warm wearing my Hebrew Academy uniform. Rubbing my hands together, bringing warmth to my cool hands, I blow hot air from my mouth onto my fingers, and feel heat rush through my body, like an airplane rushing into the sky, after taking off. Quick, at first, but slowing response in a calming way. They murmur amongst themselves, and I join the conversation. I waited until there’s silence and ask, “Where’s Grandma?”
I get a response almost immediately. “She’s no longer with us.” My Bubbe informs me, with a sad look on her face. I knew this was coming, we all did. Just not when.
“Oh” was the only thing I could get out of my mouth at the moment. I don’t know what to say, or what to do. I feel like a lost puppy in an alleyway. I don’t know where to go, or who to go to. Then two words pop out of my mouth,…

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