Essay on A Whole New Era Of Terrorism

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echnology has introduced a whole new era of terrorism. In the modern era, technology like cellphones and computers are available to nearly everyone, which makes tracking terrorists increasingly difficult, but as the terrorists evolve, so do we. Between 2009 and 2010, the Justice Department charged more defendants in federal court with the most serious terrorism offenses than in any two-year period since 9/11 (USDOJ). This increase in prosecutions is due to resources like informants who are willing to provide information on terrorist activities, in exchange for something else. One case was that of Earnest James Ujaama. Ujaama was charged with terrorism in the Southern District of New York for his efforts to establish a jihad training camp and also his efforts to start a violent jihad in

Afghanistan. He pleaded guilty to the charges in 2007 and turned informant to lower his sentence. He testified in the trial of Oussama Kassir, who was charged with conspiracy in connection to the Jihad training camp, he also was accused of operating numerous websites promoting terrorism and Jihad in Afghanistan. He was found guilty of all 11 counts against him, and received a life sentence plus 115 years. Ujaama 's testimony was the last piece they needed to prosecute Kassir (USDOJ). Through judicial criminal prosecution, the United States government has incarcerated hundreds of defendants charged with crimes under terrorism.

The Justice Department has undergone many changes over the past…

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