A Well Know Historical German Politician Essay

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I chose to examine a well know historical German politician Adolph Hitler. Hitler was born in Austria on April 20, 1889, but was the dictator in Germany from 1934-1945. He has been studies countless times with lots of information regarding him available, which makes him a good specimen to study. Some may not wish to admit that he was a good or effective leader, however his leadership skills, traits, and, behaviors were quite efficient. Regardless Hitler had tons of followers, which would lead many to believe he possessed leadership abilities. Throughout his life he certainty was a leader. Hitler’s leadership style, traits, and skills can be analyzed by a lot of the research and knowledge we now have about leadership. (Biography.com) First of all, Hitler was the dictator of Germany and his leadership style resembled such. Based on Blake and Moutons managerial leadership grid or behavioral approach he practiced a style of leadership we now know as authority-compliance this type of leadership relies on emphasis of tasks and productivity, with little to no care about people or humanity. His use for people reached no further than tools to complete a task, while completion of the task was crucial. The book defines this kind of leader as “controlling, demanding, and overpowering” (Northouse, 2004) which also describes Hitler. He exhibited empowerment by forcing almost a whole country to turn against an entire race at his will. The whole Nazi party was at his control or else…

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