A Universal Definition For Terrorism Essay

1999 Words Oct 30th, 2016 8 Pages
A universal definition for terrorism does not exist, instead perceptions of the meaning, which are subjective, culturally and politically situated, and fluid, (Oates, 2008, p.135) are constructed, primarily by Governments, and disseminated to society through its’ mass media. (Jackson, 2005, p. 16-18) Western discourse shifted after the events of 9/11 with this pervasive narrative shaping the contemporary understanding of terrorism, and the acceptance of counter-terrorism measures; that is what state practices can be deemed appropriate, necessary and supported by society. (Jackson, 2005, p. 8-9) Televising Terrorism, which examines how terrorism is portrayed within both news and fiction programming, categorises this as being the official perspective of terrorism. (Schlesinger, Murdock, & Elliott, 1983, p. 2) While news and fiction are distinct forms of programming. their depictions of terrorism are closely related, with television dramas re-presenting the news discourse. (Schlesinger, Murdock, & Elliott, 1983, p.72) Post 9/11, the spy drama genre enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, (Takacs, 2012, p. 60) producing a new dramatized depiction of espionage. (Modern Spies, BBC, 2012) The serial drama Spooks, (BBC/Kudos Film and Television, 2002-2011) entitled MI5 for American audiences, (Corner, 2006), premiered during this period. This essay intends to ascertain to which extent Spooks, which portrays a group of MI5 intelligence officers, is situated within the official…

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