Essay on A Unbiased Lens Or Way Of Thinking.the Point Being

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Apartheid I wanted to see both sides of the story through a unbiased lens or way of thinking.The point being, I know there was luxury for the Europeans, but I wanted to know what it what was it like for the the natives of Africa. I wanted to read into the reasons why the natives of South Africa were treated as second class citizens. With such ignominy on their own land where they were treated like they were anything less than human. Johannesburg says to Business Insider, “My mother was furious. The operators of the gas station in rural, racist South Africa had taken her money to fill the car, but would not give her the key to the toilets. They were for whites only.” During the early 1960’s “apartheid was the law of the land”. While Johannesburg was travelling from Zimbabwe to native South Africa they drove because in trains, “blacks” at “halfway through the trip, in the middle of the night, they would have to get out of the Rhodesian Railways compartments and transfer to decrepit blacks-only South African carriages”, this was all part of the segregation of the two races.

Historical Context This era was given the name Apartheid, which according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, is derived from the word, “apartness”. The name represents the policy that would ultimately make the English and Dutch the dominant group of that country. According to Marissa K. Evans, the English and Dutch consisted of 20 percent of the population, and 80 percent of the land was given to…

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