A Un Women Report Shows That The Justice System Is Failing Women Across The World

2445 Words May 12th, 2016 10 Pages
A UN women report shows that the justice system is failing women across the world. The report shows that across the world women are vulnerable for domestic abuse. Additionally, on average women are abused thirty seven times before they report it. This can affect their long term psychological, emotional and cognitive processes (Timesofindia-economictimes, 2011). The Prison Reform Trust indicates, that women who are offenders are more likely to be victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse (Prisonreformtrust, 2016). Statistics of women prisoners reveal that 46% have reported to have suffered domestic abuse. Additionally, 53% have experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse during childhood and 31% have spent time in authority care as a child (Womeninprison, 2015). Furthermore, 46% of women have attempted suicide at some time of their life and since 2002 there has been a hundred deaths of women in prison (Womeninprison, 2015). Currently across the UK, approximately more than 13,500 women are imprisoned every year and 81% of these women are sentenced for non-violent crimes (Prisonreformtrust, 2016). Liebling and Maruna (2013) showed that 66% of women in prison were mothers with children under the age of 18, 34% of mothers with children under the age of five and 40% had children between the age of five and ten. There are many consequences for mothers in prison and can also be problematic for the children too. This assignment will be looking at the…

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