A True Story Of Birth, Rebirth, And Everyday Magic By Martha Beck

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Reflection Paper: A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic by Martha Beck
The memoir, “Expecting Adam” by Martha Beck focused on how the social, medical and spiritual model relates to Adam, son of Martha and John who has down syndrome. Both young parents of one and expecting another, graduate school at Harvard isn’t the only thing that is stressful in either one of their lives. When Martha discovered she was pregnant, it was different this time around versus when she was pregnant with her now a toddler Katie. John taking a job in Singapore and being away from Martha, who is juggling being a mother, assistant teacher and a student begins to experience what she called miracles.
The Spiritual Model
The spiritual model is similar to the religious model. It sees the disability being a punishment that is inflicted upon those either a family or individual by an external force. Birth conditions such as Adam’s can be due to actions that were committed in a previous reincarnation. Some cases it is said that the disability is a stigma against the whole family. It can lower a status or exclusion from society. Martha was ill being pregnant with both of her children. However, her time being pregnant with Adam she was having dreams and intuits that something is not going to be right with her pregnancy. This relates to the spiritual/religious model because those dreams are somewhat supernatural. It is not a physical matter that can be proven, it was just dreamed she was…

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