A Trip To Wannado City

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At the time I was nine years old. My mom and dad had just gotten divorced and my dad was living in New York, while I lived in Miami with my mom. My cousin, Cristine, was like my older sister, I spent a lot of time with her and her dad since mine wasn’t around often. She also helped me get through the situation.
Our favorite place to go was Wannado City; it gave us a small glimpse on life, and hopes for our future. Our favorite person to go with was Cristine’s dad, my Uncle Manny. He always knew the best parts of every job, and exactly where the candy shop was.
One day when I was at my house with Cristine, my uncle called and asked if he could pick us both up and take us to get ice cream because there was something he wanted to talk to us
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It took about two hours of nail biting and useless trips to the hospital café, but he finally made it out safe and sound. Cristine and I had planned to stay a whole night with him; we said we would be like Eloise in the Plaza, but instead Cristine and Ashley Take Baptist Hospital. That night we talked to my uncle about our next trip to Wannado City. He had promised it would be two Saturdays from that day, and gave his word on it.
Two and a half weeks later and that day was here, the day were everything would be just like before. But what I thought would be the perfect day became the worst. That day my uncle got very ill. I begged my mom to see him but every time I asked she just nodded her head no. Our family never told us why we could not go; they just assumed we would understand that everything was not okay. But we didn’t, we didn’t understand what was going on and why he didn’t want to see us. All I wanted to do was speak to him.
Just a week later my uncle passed away. I understood that all my family wanted was for me to keep the happy moments with my uncle. But what they didn’t understand was that every memory I have of my uncle is a happy one, even my last ones of him in the hospital smiling through the pain just to make us

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