A Theory Of Cognitive Cognition, Emotion And Motivation That Most Interests You

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Final Research Paper
For the final paper you are to research a specific aspect of cognition, emotion and motivation that most interests you. Integrate a discussion of how you see your research findings as significant to your clinical work or the field of psychology in general.
Cognitive Dissonance
Psychologist Leon Festinger will be remembered for his theory of cognitive dissonance. His theory and research centered on the subjective feeling of tension or discomfort that occurs when a person’s beliefs do not match their behaviors. People search for homeostasis, or consistency, between their belief system and their actual conduct. When old belief systems conflict with newly held beliefs, or there is a discrepancy between their beliefs and behaviors, there must be a change in belief or behaviors for dissonance to be reduced or hopefully eliminated.
In his book “A theory of Cognitive Dissonance”, Festinger wrote that Cognitive dissonance can be viewed as a foundational condition which directs action that are oriented toward a reduction in dissonance; just as thirst leads the persons behaviors toward activities that are thirst reducing.
Leon Festinger suggested that any theory of cognitive dissonance should be centered on how individuals achieve internal consistency. He theorized that most people are born with an inner need to regulate their beliefs and behaviors. It is essential that their beliefs and behaviors are consistent or disharmony occurs due to a conflict…

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