A Teacher Can Help Mold A Generation Essay

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All of my life, I have loved to nurture individuals younger than myself. Growing up, with my best friends and brother, all whom were much younger than myself, I would beg them to play school so I could pretend to be a teacher. Begrudgingly, they would indulge me in my wish for a short while until they realized I wanted to make them do actual math problems. Since then, the joy for imparting knowledge on others has never diminished, but has intensified as I have matured into a young adult. I believe that a great teacher can help mold a generation. Eventually, I want to be that teacher.
In my early teen years, I began to fervently seek what the Lord intended to do with my future. I tossed up the idea of being a pastry chef, for I love to cook and my father is a chef. I also toyed with the idea of being a fashion designer, for I love clothes and creating new things. Then when I was sixteen, the thought of being a teacher began to blossom in my thoughts. Although I continuously prayed, the stress of the future began to envelop me. During the summer, I went to a camp resided near my home. As the worry intensified, the Lord graciously blessed me with peace. One night, the pastor speaking at the camp asked if anyone wanted purpose to be prayed over them. Timidly, I raised my hand. One of the counselors, whom I have never spoken to before, sat down on the floor in front of me. She laid her hands on me and began to quietly pray. After a few minutes she looked up at me and gently…

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