Essay on A Taste Of Domesticity

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A Taste of Domesticity in Stokes State Forest Throughout my four years of high school, I had never had a friend come back from a post-prom weekend in Wildwood and describe to me what sounded like a “good time.” The stories they told always had the same synopsis that centered around drunken fun and even drunker stupidity. Hordes of juniors and seniors slept in small dirty motel rooms. They spent way too much money on alcohol, and they often got swindled into paying hundreds of dollars to stay in an otherwise dirt cheap motel because no decent place would allow teenagers to party like they did. They sat in their hotel rooms and drank the beautiful New Jersey beach days away, waiting for the sun to set so they could continue their drunken fun on the New Jersey boardwalk. The idea of my last real weekend of high school being spent in a dark room, with people I had very little care for, didn’t sound appealing to me. I quickly decided that my boyfriend Mitchell and I would go to Stokes State Forest, and a group of my now closest friends hopped on the bandwagon and joined us. New Jersey is home to a multitude of state parks, and almost every single one of them has cabins for both New Jersey and non-New Jersey residents to rent. The $35 per night, two-night rental sounded pretty amazing to a group of semi-jobless teenagers looking for a last “hurrah” with their high school friends. So, after hours of phone calls and thousands of annoying group-chat text messages, I booked…

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