A Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens Essay

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What is moral character? Does love have the ability the change the definition of moral character? A Tale of Two Cities was written in the eighteen hundreds by Charles Dickens and shows how love can change the definition of moral character. Throughout A Tale of Two Cities, Sydney Carton proves that love can change someone’s personality. At the start of the book, Carton believes his life has no purpose and he is a failure, but he finds love and is able to resemble Christ by sacrificing his life for the love he had found. Even though in the first introduction he is portrayed as a self-indulgent and self-pitying drunkard, by the end Sydney Carton is portrayed as a life-saving hero. Although many characters in this book undergo a change, Carton develops the most moral character within himself. Early in the book we meet Mr. Carton during Darnay’s trail. Carton “had that rather wild, strained, seared marking about the eyes, which may be observed in all free livers of his class, from the portrait of Jeffries downward, and which can be traced, under various disguises of art, through the portrait of every Drinking Age” (65). Not only does this show Carton think he deserves to be in the lower class, but Carton also believes he is “a disappointed drudge” (63). Despite what he thinks about himself, there is a glimpse of his brilliance that shows through during Darnay’s trail. At this trail, he points out that they look alike and so Charles Darnay could have been easily mistaken as…

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