A System Thinking Analysis Of The Current Dilemma Facing Eu Design

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The purpose of this memorandum is to complete a systems thinking analysis of the current dilemma facing EU Design and to recommend an effective course to ensure sustained growth and success. The organization is at a crossroads, lying in wait until a definitive direction is determined. A systems thinking approach can aid in this endeavor by providing insight, clarity and resolution. Therefore, I will identify the underlying structures in existence and provide causal loop graphs to further illustrate patterns of behavior, as well as identify impacting variables and their cause-and-effect interactions. Presented in this memorandum are four individual causal loops (blue, green, red, and yellow) and one final combined loop.

The revelation of the systemic dynamics at work within the organization will assist EU Design by providing a solid foundation from which successful advices are derived and decisions best serving the organization can be made. Following my analysis of the final causal loop, I will offer my recommendation for an effective management style, operational strategies and organizational direction.

Causal Loop Analysis

As we begin the exploration EU Design’s systemic structure via the causal loop diagrams, let me provide a brief explanation to what you are about to view. The loops below consist of written variables with links (arrows) and notations (s’s and o’s) that expound their relationship. I will narrate the story of each graph as I conduct my examination.…

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