Essay on A Synopsis Of Luca Vero

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The year is 1453, Luca Vero is a 17 year old man, who joined the church at the age of 4. At 17 he was accused of heresy for questioning the way things were. He is then brought to a special church to be told that he would be the next inquirer. He was to search in the pursuit of knowledge, but was also assigned to look for mythical things, and find myths come to life. Isolde, a 17 year old girl, was a princess, her father had always treated her in the ways of a man, as an equal. When her father died he left a spoken will, and said that she would marry a man of her brother’s choice, or become the head of a nunnery. The man her brother picked for her was disgusting. Therefore, she became the Lady Abbess at the nunnery on her brother’s land. Luca, his servant, and priest would later come to the nunnery to inquire because of suspected witchcraft among the nuns. Luca and Isolde meet, but in a horrible way. She is covered in blood up to her elbows and is dissecting a dead nun with her servant, Ishaq. Luca and his 2 helpers then take the 2 girls into their custody and travel that land with them while their under trial. During their travels they handle many different settings where they find the girls are innocent, while many others are not.

Lessons Learned In every book, there is a lesson, something that helps us have a greater understanding of the world. There were 3 main lessons taught in ‘Changeling. One was that everything is not what it seems. In many instances during…

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