A Survey On Women 's Tattoos Essay

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The survey was passed out to a total of 68 people, of which, 37 were female and 30 were male. Originally, we wanted to pass out at least 100 surveys to ensure a representative sample, however, many of the barriers, as previously mentioned, took place. Nevertheless, we found some interesting results. For females, we gathered that 21.6% had tattoos while 78.4% of our sample did not. For those who had tattoos, 13.5% reported only having one and 8.1% had 2 to 3 on them. A majority of the women who had tattoos had images on their bodies (8.6%) while the others simply had words (2.7%) or other (5.4%). The remaining percentage went to those who had both images and words (5.4%).
For those that did not have tattoos, we then asked them a serious of questions determining whether they were open to getting tattoos in the future. Out of the 78.4% of women who did not currently have a tattoo, 27% said they did not consider ever getting one. 37.8% said yes to getting one, while 13.5% were simply unsure. When those who said they were open to getting tattoos were asked how many they would get, 31.6% said one, 18.2% said 2 to 3, and 4.1% said 4 or more. Then, they were asked which type of tattoo they would get and a majority, 18.9% said they would get words.
Comparatively, for males, only 13.3% had tattoos while 86.7% did not. Of those who had tattoos, 6.7% reported having one, 3.3% had 2 to 3, and 3.3% had 4 or more. Each type of tattoo—words, image, and representational…

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