A Survey Of Working Women Essay

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Psychologists Janice Yoder and Theodore McDonald conducted a survey of working women. They 're objective was to determine how many women had experienced sexist discrimination and which was the most pervasive. Their scale for sexist discrimination had four different components: denial of promotions, unfair treatment from superiors, drastic responses like firing or reporting a grievance, and unfair treatment from coworkers. Participants would respond on a "6-point scale, ranging from (1) never to (6) almost all the time," whether they experienced any of this discrimination within the past year (Yoder and McDonald 489).
The survey had work experiences that measured how much the participant felt that coworkers were more apt to notice her mistakes, how much attention she felt was paid to her clothing, and how accepted she felt as an employee. It also asked the women to anticipate their coworkers ' reactions if they were considered for a promotion, and if they felt tasks were assigned to them based on their gender. Finally, the survey had the participants complete the Organization Based Self-Esteem scale (Yoder and McDonald 489).
From the survey, only 7 percent of the respondents said they did not experience any of the four sexist occurrences that defined sexist discrimination. However, 64 percent of the respondents said they had been denied advance at work. 41 percent of the women said they experienced unfair treatment from their superiors, while 44 percent said they had…

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