A Summer Reading Essay : Prompt

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“Summer Reading Essay: Prompt 1“ In Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, a teenage girl, Melinda, is starting out her freshmen year in high school but unlike everyone else, she has no friends at the beginning of the school. Melinda does not have any friends at the beginning because Melinda called the cops at the back to school year party and everyone was busted. Melinda is deemed the outcast at school. No one asks Melinda what happened at the back to school party and Melinda is terrorized at school because of calling the cops. Melinda falls into depression quickly because she is all-alone and no one cares enough to ask what happened at the party. Melinda was sexually abused at the party and falls into depression. When Melinda falls into depression, no one is there to help her get through things and she has to learn on her own how to survive. Throughout the school year, Melinda descends into depression and at the end of the fourth quarter, Melinda starts reclaiming her voice back. Melinda’s decent into depression starts on the first day of freshmen year in high school. Someone throws mashed potatoes at Melinda to start her first day and she has no friends to help her clean up. No one wants to be friends with Melinda because she is known for calling the cops at the party and no one goes near her. Melinda feels isolated and makes only one friend who had just moved her from Ohio named Heather. Heather tries to get Melinda to join different clubs with her but Melinda stays quiet and…

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