A Summary On The ' Champs ' Essay

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CHAMPS Summary of the Overview and Chapter 1

CHAMPS is a management plan that teaches students how to behave responsibly in a proactive and positive classroom. The title, CHAMPS, is an acronym for conversation, help, activity, movement, participation, and success. The framework that supports CHAMPS is called the STOIC Framework.

The STOIC Framework consists of five variables that the teacher can apply and use to guide students to be respectful, responsible, and motivated. The five variables of STOIC are structure, teach, observe, interact and correct. Chapter 1 focuses on structure (the S of STOIC) or organizing the classroom to prevent misbehavior. The structure should let the students know what is expected from them and should be constantly reviewed and revised. I’m working to structure my classroom for success.

There are five goals of CHAMPS including 1) establishing smooth, efficient classroom routines, 2) directly teaching students how to be successful, 3) interacting in a positive and caring way with students, 4) providing rewards and celebrations to promote desired behaviors, and 5) setting clear standards for classroom behaviors that are applied fairly and consistently.

Chapter 1 of Randy Sprick’s book discusses seven tasks for a proactive and positive classroom. They focus on understanding how to shape behavior, motivating student behavior, identifying long-range goals, develop guidelines for success, maintaining positive expectations, implementing effective…

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