A Successful Relationship Of The Disney Company And Hewlett Packard ( Hp )

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Ideal Relationships Companies look for ideal partners that will increase their competitive advantage and secure their leadership in the market. Despite what everyone thinks about the business relationship, what it is important are the seven characteristics the potential candidate possess that Kwicien (2012) said an ideal partner should hold some or all as follows:
• “Complementary domain expertise
• Synergistic products or services
• Carrier relationships (preferably not of the duplicative variety)
• Compatible technological capabilities
• New sales channels or markets
• Compatible management style, business model, structure and corporate culture
• Shared vision for the future of both of the businesses involved.”
In the following discussion are examples of a successful and a failed relationship, three additional strategies for human resources (HR) for “thinking outside of the box,” and HR’s limit in budgeting and the possible consequences of original thinking in searching for potential alliances.
A Successful Relationship The Walt Disney Company and Hewlett-Packard (HP) partnership have been in effect since 1937 because Walt Disney himself approached Bill Hewlett and David Packard for “a customized oscillator” to buy (Kontzer, 2003). It is almost 80 years later, and the two businesses partnership is still strong today as they both continue on their journey to make improvements on Disney’s theme-park attractions (Kontzer, 2003). As for their future…

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