A Successful Country 's Educational System Essays

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The United States has the number one economy in the world, some of the newest technology in the world, and one of the highest GDPs. In education, however, Americans are lacking in comparison to the rest of the first world. Our schools are much different compared to the rest of the world in terms of administration and curriculum. By observing some of the top schools in the world, it can be seen what strategies work best for schooling and what makes them superior to the rest. A successful country 's educational system requires elite and highly respected teachers, a well-balanced national curriculum, and standardized examinations.
Elite professors are a necessity in order to drive students to success. Japan believes that education is one of the top priorities and in turn has a very selective process for teachers; with barely any getting in (NCEE). Finland has such a thorough screening that only 10 percent of graduates are filled into a teaching position. This idea of selecting only the most qualified men and women helps create some of the most elite schooling in the world; almost all of the top 10 school systems retain this idea of elitism. Some school systems such as Finland require that the teachers have at the very least a master 's degree (Lombardi). Because of the most elite schools selecting such qualified individuals, the curriculum is well taught, and helps students succeed much more than an average teacher would and usually are very exceptional in regards to…

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