Essay On Standardize Testing

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Many of us have took the SAT, ACT, and for Virginians the SOL throughout elementary, middle, and our junior or senior year of high school. Most colleges have standardize assessments’ for course placement of their students in which I find unfair in determining their capabilities. I find these standardize test very stressful and very complex because it makes students use applied knowledge which is not taught in the classroom by teachers. The SAT and ACT both are unbearably stressful because it determines if a student will get into the dream college of their choice. The way these test are formatted which is multiple choice, makes it very simplistic and doesn’t apply to real world situations. But in my initial argument the controversy lies …show more content…
The first standardize educational practices were developed in China. With this new development during that time China led the world in educational achievements which were soon later was adopted by other countries including the United States with hopes to have the same results as China. People will also oppose by stating that standardize testing is a reliable and objective way to measure a student’s intelligence. With the support of the No Child Left Behind Act standardize testing is inconclusive and non-discriminatory to ensure that all students are receiving equivalent content. Testing is also believed to set stricter standards and to better prepare students for college. Even states independently develop their own test with the help of the National Assessment of Educational progress it is easier for states to compare test results with each other. Comparing scores is beneficial to ensure test are equally challenging and prove scores validity. Last, standardize testing is believe to eliminate activities that waste time and that don’t produce learning gains so that’s students are able to

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