A Study On The Patient Essay

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The patient was a 19 year old sophomore outside hitter in volleyball who sustained a right shoulder impingement her freshman year. Since this injury tends to have a gradual onset of symptoms, there was no specific mechanism of injury. However, the constant overhead movement of the arm during her hitting probably greatly contributed to her impingement. She saw the team physician last fall, but did not have any diagnostic imaging test completed such as X-ray or MRI. Although she did receive some rehabilitation for this injury the year prior, she still had ramifications from the injury after this past season. It was determined the patient should perform the rehabilitation with both shoulders so as to not create an imbalance between the arms and in order to try to correct her posture. Initially, the patient had decreased range of motion (ROM) in her left shoulder due to the fact her right shoulder was rehabbed the year prior. Nevertheless, the strength in her right shoulder was decreased when compared to the left side. Her overall function was similar on both sides with the only difference being with the shoulder mobility test associated with the functional movement screening (FMS) that was performed. The short term goals for this rehab were to increase ROM and stability in both shoulders. The long term goals consisted of improving her posture as well as her strength in order to increase her hitting power.
Literature Review Shoulder impingement syndrome is common in overhead…

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