A Study On The Loan With Costa Rica And Celac Essay

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At a young age we learn to build relations with our peers, friends, family, teachers, neighbors and etcs, but it’s something that is build inside our DNA, because all animals have this need. Nations aren’t different although politics are involved, because what’s driving nations are people and these people are human beings. The building of a relation between nations, can be one country benefiting more than another or an equal relation. David Hume analyzed the principle of human nature, the passions and association, creation of condition for the possibility of relationships (Edkins and Zehfuss, 2008). In this discourse we will discuss the relation that China has with Costa Rica and CELAC. The opening question is will China agree to the loan with Costa Rica? Before we start trying to find an answer for this question: first, going to look at who/what is CELAC, China position with CELAC, Costa Rica position with CELAC; second, for what will the loan be use and China and Costa Rica relation how did it first develop; thirdly, what consequences that China and Costa Rica had; and finally, look at the broader issues between the three parties involved. Then let’s start with who/what is CELAC?
The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) was launched in 2011 by Latin American and Caribbean nations, in order to ‘deepen their integration and to reduce the once overwhelming influence of the United States on the politics and economics of Latin America’ (CELAC Costa Rica,…

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