A Study On The Environment And Human Values Course Essay

1111 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
People love trees, because of their refreshing colors and solid trunks. Trees produce oxygen for life and provide a habitat for animals. However, since July 14, 2015, paper consumption at Franklin & Marshall college has required 42 trees for the Papercut system alone. Those trees will take 15 years to grow back. The biggest problem with our paper consumption is that people are cutting trees and depleting forests at an unsustainable rate. The best solution to this problem is to decrease paper consumption by switching to digital education. In this way, people save paper, meanwhile preparing them for a paperless future.
Studying in my Environment & Human Values course, I learned that trees are a vital part of our ecosystem, and people should keep a balanced relationship with nature. As I learn the class materials, however, I am impressed by how intensive the conflicts between humans and nature are. Meanwhile, I feel responsible to solve it. However, in the learning process, I realize how much paper I have consumed and how much paper I could have saved, if I read the materials digitally. It is ironic that an environmental class, which is supposed to teach us to protect nature, causes more paper consumption for the class. Most of my classmates and I are too used to printing out all of these readings, and eventually I waste about 200 pages of paper for this single class. This is a problem, and as the generation born in the digital age, we have the technology to avoid wasting all…

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