A Study On Sociology And Sociology Essay

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Faculty Interview For an assignment I was given a challenge to talk with a faculty member of Washburn University. The faculty member I have chosen was Dr. Chris Conner. I chose Dr. Conner because he seems like a very interesting individual. Also, I am very interested in sociology and how sociology has affected him. I also know that sociology is a difficult area of study because it is always changing and individuals have different views on how sociology affects the world. Also Dr. Conner likes how the world is always changing so that is why I chose him for the interview. During the interview I asked Dr. Conner several questions and he gave me brief answers. The first question I asked Dr. Conner was what made you want to study sociology? Dr. Conner said he was always interested in sociology and he likes how sociology is always changing. The second question I asked was after studying sociology did you view the world any different? He said yes, after finishing school he did research on women with HIV and realized people that do not have HIV view women with HIV differently and he thought that was wrong that people judged them for having HIV. He explained that sometimes it wasn’t their fault. For example, they contracted HIV from birth. I believe Dr. Conner sympathizes with the women that are affected by HIV. The third question I asked was what do you like about teaching sociology? He said that the topics are all so different and they change overtime. The forth question I…

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