Scientific Approach In Sociology

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-Jodi Tassinari
Sociology 101
Dr. Boyle
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Sociology and the scientific method go hand in hand. Applying a scientific analysis helps us begin to understand how groups of people are affected by life, values, beliefs, behaviors and the way society is organized. With the scientific method, sociologists can organize and understand questions about society. The scientific method is composed of six different steps, ask a question, research existing sources, formulate a hypothesis, design and conduct a study, draw a conclusion, and report results.
The first step in the scientific method is to ask a question. The number of questions a sociologist can ask about people are unlimited, but being specific with a question, dilemma,
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Each group in the hierarch has a level and each level commands the group below them and is commanded by the group above them, also known as a pyramid structure. He believed that the modern-day era would function properly with bureaucracy. Having positions within a group was one thing that Weber believed should be apart of a bureaucracy. When having positions, people in the lower part of the bureaucracy know who to report to and who to ask directly for direction. Higher positions in the hierarchy are monitored so everyone within the organization is accountable for individual actions.
Rules and regulations keep a bureaucracy functioning properly. Whether it be a government, education, religion, or a job atmosphere when rules are set in place everyone knows what’s expected of them. Weber believed that having rules in place enabled an organization to perform and complete common goals in an orderly and organized manner.
Impersonality is also another characteristic of bureaucracy. Impersonality is important when within a bureaucracy because if someone decided to leave, the rest of the organization would not suffer. If one person decides to leave, another person would step in and fill the occupation, leaving the organization still well organized and thriving.
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He showed that negative social factors influence suicidal behavior. Anomie, a concept that Durkheim referred to as a feeling of aimlessness or despair, is a prime example of what would provoke an individual towards taking their own life.
Karl Marx was a German economic, political, and social theorist that sought to explain social changes from the Industrial Revolution (Giddens 13). Marx’s view of society was more radical than Durkheim, which brought him into conflict with Germany. He eventually settled in Britain due to him being exiled from Germany.
Karl Marx believed that society was divided into classes and that the divisions of society have a huge impact on an individual’s life. Marx said that society is made up of two classes; Capitalists, and the working class. He believed that Capitalists who owned land, factories, or machines exploited the working class. He believed that conflicts between classes would cause changes in history. Marx believed that eventually workers will unite and break their chains of bondage, resulting in a classless society, free of

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